What The Critics Are Saying

What a showman! What a show! Last Friday was the best, I’d say. Mostly entertaining is the foot traffic behind the piano. So works together. And then, there’s lovely Mary so perfectly attired. Your guests are not just authors and entertainers, they are a joy. who wouldn’t love to discover a new tune by Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, Gershwin or Sondheim? Applause, applause!
>>Janice Schlau, restaurateur 10/28/23

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Stumping journalist Margaret Sullivan is as challenging as hitting the perfect note. 🎶 She knows her songs!
Dan Berger ~ Journalist at The Epoch Times and The Tampa Tribune.

Hi Howard! I want to say a HUGE thank you for making my dad smile! He’s in Philly in assisted living on hospice. I try to get down every 2 weeks. I’m an only child and he’s pretty lonely here. ( he won’t Move to Buffalo). He is bed bound but we sat together , he had a little glass of sherry ( shhhh!) and had in his words “ the best time I’ve had in months”. He’s always loved piano bars ( he’s not musical though) and loved being able to watch and interact live. This will be a very special memory to hold into . Thanks for making that happen. ❤️❤️