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December 29, 2023 Highlights

Tonight 5-8 pm @ Hyatt Regency Buffalo ~ Cocktail Party Happy Hour (with a new Prime Rib Dinner Special that is out-of-this-world and only $19.95!!)
Last week's highlights:
🎢✨ LoungeACADEMY NYE Special: A Night to Remember! 🌟🍸
As the year was winding down, LoungeACADEMY was heating up with an unforgettable NYE special! Here's a glimpse of the sparkling evening:
πŸŽ‰ Michael and @Monica Heath's Birthday Bash:
Dr. Michael and Monica Heath made a special trip from Syracuse, NY, to celebrate Dr. Heath's 75th birthday at LoungeACADEMY. They stayed at the Hyatt Regency Buffalo and enjoyed a fabulous lobster dinner at The Curtiss, just across the street. It was a night of laughter, music, and great company!
🌟 Spotlight on Terry Licata Braunstein:
We had the pleasure of an in-studio interview with the iconic actress and dancer Terry Licata Braunstein. Terry became famous for her starring role in the 1980s "Buffalo We're Talking Proud" public service commercials, where she had everyone in Buffalo strutting proudly. Relive the magic here!
🎹 In-Studio Cast Shining Bright:
    Co-hosts Mary Kunz Goldman, Ryan Lysarz, and Howard Goldman.
    Artist Cindra Jean McLaughlin
    Dan Hawrylczak., bringing his charm to the gathering.
    Developer, cartoonist, and Rolls Royce collector Dave Corbett, sharing his witty cartoons.
    The delightful Andrea Seitter.
    Old friend of the show Donna, adding to the fun.
    More old friends from the Buffalo Statler days, Sylvia and Tony.
    Cast regular Zachary Jenney.
    Symphony violinist Janet Mazzio, looking fabulous.
    Outdoorswoman Barbara O'Neill.
    Classical organist Tony Kunz.
🌐 Global Greetings:
LoungeCADETS from all around the world joined the celebration:
    Fabulous Nick Otto
    Charlie Boragi checking in from Paris, France.
    Brenda Lee Alexander Edney
    Celebrity club DJ from the 1980s at The Executive, John Bisci.
    Entertainer Brian Blatz, giving us a sneak peek before going onstage at Djon's Steak & Lobster House.
    Videographer and marketer Joei Marie.
    Show star Frederick Gazzoli and Catherine Bresteau, sending their wishes from France.
    Tiny Que, sending greetings.
    Kathy Till Moses, spreading New Year cheer.
    Lee Morse checking in from Plymouth, MA.
    Entertainer Bill Jenkins.
    Celebrity restaurateur Janice Schlau.
πŸ™ Special Thanks:
    A heartfelt thank you to the management and staff of the Hyatt Regency Buffalo for an incredible year and for hosting LoungeACADEMY. Your support has made this year truly special.
    Our deepest gratitude to all the patrons who have supported the show in 2023 with their generous contributions.
πŸ“… Stay Tuned for More:
Join us every Friday for another night of magic, music, and camaraderie at LoungeACADEMY.
🌐 Connect with LoungeACADEMY:
For more information and to catch up on previous shows, visit www.HowardGoldman.com.
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